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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Building a Pirate City, Part 1

A few weeks back, I got the terrain-building bug. Now if you know me, I always try to build things to be extremely modular, allowing me to use and re-use my terrain in many different ways. Some may remember my Tusmit cities... well, they've since been used for the County of Urnst, wargaming and even places around the world for Call of Cthulhu. Good mileage.

When I read up on articles pirate terrain for Warmachine and Legends of the High Seas, I got inspired. Building a full table of docks to use for Warmachine. The idea of a floating city really excited me. So I started working on it. Having kids, I spent great time with the kids painting, gluing, and assembling everything. Now they say "they" have done those elements.

I have three different groups of small elements here (and more to come).

The first section is for beams, ties and trees. Using a mixture of dowels, chopsticks and a real branch, I built these. I added the signposts with elements you'd want to see in a port city: girls, booze, rooms and docks! I was thinking of using the lot as a "forests".


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