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Monday, April 30, 2012

Pathfinder Society Fundraiser report

This past Saturday, Enchanted Grounds (EG) offered (almost) all of their table space to hold a massive, all-day, five-table PFS extravaganza! I'm am continually amazed at the kindness and heart of the gaming community. Today, I'm posting a HUGE shout-out to "my" own Rocky Mountain Pathfinders.

A few weeks back, I heard that three of our outstanding numbers: Josh Burke, Sean Clark, and Jason Reynolds were going to participate in a 150 mile bike ride for the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation on June 30-July 1. Riding from Westminster, CO to Fort Collins, CO (and back). Something which I have to say is an impressive feat.

Jason and Sean offered to run PFS games to help with their fundraising activities. At first, I thought of running my regular event in the Colorado Springs, take donations and add what we gathered into a big pot. Sounded like a plan. As the event drew closer, I found myself wondering if it wouldn't be a better idea to make one HUGE event instead. I talked to Jeff (EG's owner) about merging the event, and so we did.

I took the decision of bringing my peeps from Colorado Springs up to Highlands Ranch (south Denver) for the day. Road trips with a bunch of gamers have always been something I enjoy: from the trips (such as the mini trip to Amiens, to the road trips for LG), to the "bitching at things" conversations, to sports, I have to say that I really, really have a good time. This was no exception.

I got to play "From Shore to Sea", another GREAT module by Brandon Hodge, who I have to say is HANDS DOWN, my favorite author for Pathfinder Modules... Sean was my GM. I'm a big fan of Sean's laid-back easy style.

Now for the real goodies. I MUST give a HUGE shout-out to my overlords at Paizo. They provided a myriad of products as giveaways: (doing this from memory) Core Book, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, the Inner Sea Guide, and the FULL Second Darkness Adventure path. Jeff at Enchanted Grounds went above and beyond, offering a free mini to everyone, gift certificates (which Todd and I shared as we bought a raffle ticket together) and a D&D dragon set! I added a small contribution to the pot: I offered to paint 3 custom minis for winners, to help and support the event.

I now owe a paint job to: Martin Blake, John Foye, and Matt McConnell. I have to get to work.

The total amount raised for the day reach 509$!

I think all of us were -pleasantly- surprised. In all, a great day, only black cloud was the lady serving lunch who took forever to take orders, bring food, bring check and take our money... But that's nothing to do with EG or the game day itself.

I have to thank everyone who donated; Jeff for the prize support and offering the table space; Bill and Jacke who served as our MCs; the GMs who offered their time and skill to make the day successful; Paizo for the awesome books; and the players who gave generously to the cause.

As a player, I have a special thanks for Sean and the table of crazis we had. Good times.

Now it's not to late to donate to Sean and Jason's fundraising. efforts, you may do so directly on the MS Society's pages Sean's fundraising site and Jason's fundraising site.

Thanks again to everyone involved!

I'm proud to be the Venture-Captain for Colorado, especially when I get to report awesome news like this. Thanks RMPathfinders... You ROCK!


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