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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Kickstarter to Free RPG Day: Undying Legacy Of the First Ones

Our first Kickstarter, Undying Legacy of the First Ones to go to the printers before the end of the week! It's been quite a trip...

First came the idea, whereas LPJ and I talked about the idea: I had been pressuring him to get something for Free RPG day, a yearly event that I really like. It give us visibility into places and with people we never got to meet. Get the name of the brand out there, get people to play in our setting.

Second was the design of the Kickstarter project. I cannot claim much credit for it, that was really LPJ's baby. I did say "don't put your ugly mug on the video, let the art speaks for itself. It looks better than you." He grumbled, but agreed. I served as a springboard for ideas, provided a "I plan to have 2-4 NPCs, a number of locations names, and a few things you can " and criticized the rewards.

Third, and the most worrisome, came the Kickstarter... Why worrisome? Because it's always nerve-wracking to wait on funding... It's like waiting on a loan application. Yeah... when you are sitting in the bankers' office, squirming and sweating hoping you'll hear "yes". Followed by elation when you see that the project gets funded. Excitement!

Fourth came actually getting down to business. Writing and development! This is an exciting time... Sitting down, gathering the ideas and thinking what you want to do. There is a lot of things to think about: the adventure must be playable by people who never heard of NeoExodus and provide enough information for a GM to make the world feel alive; the adventure must present some of the coolest elements of the setting; the adventure must provide the number of NPCs and locations for the funder to name; and most of all, the adventure must be exciting and fun to play. A lot to shoulder, but exciting times.

Then comes play-testing, editing, formatting and review, which is where we are right now. I need to give it a good read-through before LPJ sends it to the printers... I away this with trepidation... It'll be a fun adventure I cannot wait to run!

I have heard of a couple of places where NeoExodus will be played and run for Free RPG Day and that is very exciting! If you plan to run the adventure in your local community or if you know of a place where "Undying Legacy" will be run, please let me know I'll post the information here to help promote the event.


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