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Thursday, April 19, 2012

NeoExodus: on the Paizo Store Blog!

It's always great to see when some of the people in the industry that we admire give us some love and recognition. Today, I am just over-excited to see that NeoExodus made the Paizo Store Blog!

I know this breaks my own limitation of "one post a day", but big news like this can't wait...

If you do not yet have your copy of NeoExodus, I have some for sale (if you are in the Denver/ Colorado Springs area), or you can get your copy directly through Paizo!

Click on the following link to head directly to Paizo's blog.

Thanks Paizo!



  1. NeoExodus, taking over the Pathfinder gaming world...

  2. Yep got notice from paizo that my new Neo book was in the mail and headed my way. Pretty excited.

  3. @DragonLady: Let me know when you get it!