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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tales From the Auction: Cryx Army, Part 2

The Cryx Satyxis raiders are females imbued with dragon blood. After I bought them and began assembling them, I noticed that their horns were missing and that their whip-like lashes were broken off. So I added self-made whips and painted their horn-less heads. I did not want to paint them with a black scheme presented by Privateer Press. I never use black as a base color anyway. Their colors are dark reddish-brown, green and white.

The second group is not quite Cryxian in itself, but I will use them as part of my Zombie pirates army... I have more zombies in the works and those I built from inspiration by The Angry Lurker (shout-out) who has a number of zombie minis on his blog. Mine are built using a mix of Wargames Factory's Zombies and Numedian light infantry. I foresee a lot of usage on these guys...

Oh the flag! The flag is the Cryx flag of the pirate queen. Heavily splattered with blood... For good measure.


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