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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Avatar Of the Kaga: The C series

With the "A" series being the core story, and the "B" series form secondary story elements, the "C" is not very different from the "B". However, they need to be distinguished by one major element. To this date, every one of this series has been funded through Kickstarter. Also, this series is all about unique or standalone stories. Though they are related to the main campaign, they really are standalone.

I can see our introductory material to be part of this series. So many material to write!

C1 - Undying Legacy of the First Ones

At the request of a priest of the Sanguine Covenant, the PCs travel to a small border village in the Caneus Empire besieged by a tribe of calibans. Aggressive, barbaric, cannibalistic and dangerous, the calibans are a threat to civilized people everywhere. More is afoot than initially believed...

An adventure for 3rd level characters.

Notes: Funded through Kickstarter, our first Free RPG Day adventure, and one I am very excited to hear from all you. The play-testers enjoyed it, and provided some important feedback. This one is, like "Encounter at Ramat Bridge", an introductory adventure into NeoExodus. It addresses a number of concepts and unique elements of the setting without going too deeply into them (the way "Sashenka", "Slavers" or "Trovaska" do).

C2 - Origin of Man

The Armans and the Nasians share a number of common traits. They are taller and share the characteristic blonde hair. However they live on opposite sides of NeoExodus. One man thinks he holds the key to proving that both share common ancestry. All he needs is a group of adventurers to escort him.

An adventure for 7th level characters.

Notes: Origin of Man was the first project I worked on for LPJ Design. This adventure was one that is pretty nasty, and was originally written for 4th level characters in mind. However, with later work on the setting (I wrote this basically without a setting), this adventure needed to be revisited in-depth (I wouldn't say a full rewrite but a MAJOR rewrite, as well as bumping the adventure from 4th level to level 7). And so we did it as part of a Kickstarter. This one I cannot wait to run!


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