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Monday, May 21, 2012

Avatar of the Kaga: NeoExodus Adventures "B Series"

My post on Series "A" on Friday gave information on the core series of the campaign. The "B" series includes longer adventures that are not necessarily crucial for someone to experience the main plot. However, each of them expands on some of the concepts of the campaign, giving a GM and a player an actual experience of a location, a monster, or a group of NPCs. These would be called Soft points in "Arcanis-talk".

Although unintentionally, all the adventures in the "B" series are longer, more involved adventures, requiring a few game sessions to complete.

B1 - Cold Visitor

When a high-ranking member of the Dominion asks for you to come and meet him, do not make him wait. What he wants you to do is quite simple but may require more than a simple trip to Gavea. His wants may require you to be better prepared than you ever though you had to. Short trips sometimes make for a long journey.

Part one of the Forgotten Secrets of the First Ones series. An adventure for characters levels 5.

Notes: Cold Visitor was originally written in the 3.5 days of NeoExodus. When I got my hands on it, I immediately fell in love with the plot (which is inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time). The plot was solid, the story was solid. I revamped it for PFRPG and corrected a few things that weren't in-line with the Campaign book. Mostly, it was expanding the NPCs and the story to add a few pearls.

B2 - Curse of Lannil Island

The island of Gavea is a mist-covered island off the western coast of Exodus. A map to a long lost treasure as your guide, you will have to survive strange alliances, fields of sugarcane, and the curse of Lannil Island.

Part two of the Forgotten Secrets of the First Ones series. An adventure for characters levels 5.

Notes: A sequel to Cold Visitor, also written for NeoExodus 3.5, this adventure had a lot of good things going for it. However, it felt a little too... similar to its predecessor in implementation. My work on this one included an expanded introduction/ conclusion and making it much more freeform, allowing the GM and the players to really dictate the pace at which the adventure progresses. Oh! And I added some extra villains... for good measure.


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