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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Justice League Vol. 7

Continuing the series from "Rebirth" I started with Volume 5 and Volume 6.

The previous volume left us a number of threads: the fan and Batman leaving, being the big two.

So for the Fan, the plot ends up with the League capturing him. Then out of the blue, Deathstroke appears and shoots him in the head, robbing the League of the choice about what to do about someone who knows the secrets of the entire League: secret identities, weaknesses, etc. Now getting to this is not super-surprise but I would have liked to see the League come to a decision about him. Instead, they are arguing about where to go. The issues are plentiful and this is an easy cop-out.

Everything in this book feels like an easy cop-out. There are difficult choice to be made, but the League makes none of them. They skirt the issue, talk it out, but never come up with any plan to fix anything. Now to be fair, they recognize that many of the problems are not easy, but would've liked to see them try and settle things. Wonder Woman goes and plays with the children but the other do very little. I do not expect to fix societal problems, but at least provide some ways they can work. If you worry about displaced people, move them. YOU HAVE TWO GREEN LANTERNS! At least provide short-term relief. Dig a ditch. Something. No, they don't they just keep the two warring factions apart.

Still, unlike the dumb presentation of those topics in (puke) Deathstroke at least here, the League presents both sides of the problem and recognizes these issues as complex without a single easy to identify cause. I'll give them props for that.

So in the end, despite its many failings, I'll give it a weak 3/5. Not great, just "okay"

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