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Monday, June 7, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Justice League Vol 5: Legacy

I bought a number of these trade paperbacks in the bargain bin of my local comic shop. I bought tomes 5-7 so getting a big chunk of the story. I was both curious and intrigued at the idea of reading this.

The premise for this story hooked me from the start: imagine if the Justice League got defeated by some powerful force in the future and their children took up the mantle. We have Wonder Woman's son who also wear Superman's cloak, twins who can control the power rings off of all the power rings, and others. Aquaman and Mera's daughter. Aquaman becomes a half-cyborg and the evil force's #1 man.

Okay, I am in. The premise has a lot of potential.

These "Justice League Kids" travel through a portal back to "today" where they clash with the Justice League as some black force expands.

I won't spoil it all but the story is interesting. The final reveal surprised me in a positive way and the resolution was non-trivial, if a little quick and simple, which I appreciated very much.

My biggest problem with most of these new character is how one-dimensional they are. Only WW's son has some depth and is torn with a relatable dilemma. The others have trivial issues and they don't come into play at all. I have a feeling these characters are little more than throwaway characters owing to this blandness.

I left this issue with a positive vibe about it and will look forward to the the next trade paperback.

So a rating... If there were fewer characters, this would have ranked much higher. Everything done this was a decent 3/5. I want to read more, see where it goes.

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