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Friday, June 18, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Deathstroke Vol 1-3

Wow... a triple review all at once! It's been quite a while since (way back in September of 2020). I bought those three at my local comic shop. I was very excited about this one because I remember when I first read the New Teen Titans #1 back in the 80s.

And more recently, I really enjoyed his portrayal in Teen Titans Go To the Movies. Slaaaaaaaaaade. Hehehe It was funny.

It wasn't long before this enthusiasm ended.

The worse part is the storytelling. The pacing is ridiculously slow. With MANY page show the same panel copied two or three times as the characters talk. Vignettes of characters standing there in the oddest positions. The fight scenes just suck, I don't understand what they are doing, where the characters are. Having just read Batman: Knightfall with great spacial awareness. Here we have characters jumping around in odd positions in unclear locations. And the fighting is a very tiny part between pages of characters that just talk about stuff that inevitably turn out to be a scheme Deathstroke planned from the start and everyone else is an idiot.

Not here.

The story reads like one of these old 60s DC comics where the character surprises the reader with a last-minute reveal. It's fun once but over and over, it gets tiresome. It is tiresome. Again contrasting with Knightfall, this should be a detective story. Whereas the former does it right, allowing the reader to get the same pieces as Batman, so as the story progresses, you can look back and go "Oh yeah! That detail makes sense now." Deathstroke is so good because he does not need any character development, only revelation of his level of awesome.

Ravager (girl-Deathstroke) is super eye candy, I think her costume is a tight panty. The highlight of the story. Only bright spot in a drab, predictable, heartless, soulless, and ultimately pointless comic book.

I rate this an easy 1/5. Quite frankly, other than eye candy, there was nothing fun, interesting, or intriguing here. Pass.

Save your money.

Save your time.

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