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Friday, June 18, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Action Comics Vol 1: Path of Doom

Continuing the list of comic I got at FLGS, I took on another Superman title. For the first time, Action comics! I do not remember ever reading that title before.

Well, right off the bat, we get Lex Luthor in a Superman suit, complete with the S-shield. Strong start!

Like in the other Rebirth Superman I read, we start with Superman and Lois living in the country with their son. Because this world's Superman is dead. It is not long before Superman confronts Lex Luthor and the two battle as Lex doubts Superman's identity and Superman doubts Lex's motivation. The confrontation is interesting as both characters have strong reason for their actions. It is a fight between two men whose experience of the other prevents compromise.

Then add to that story, Doomsday. The forced team-up dynamic is really well done as they do not let go of their prejudices or doubts about the other.

Jon and Lois watch on TV and there, the mother-child dynamic plays out as Lois tries to shield Jon from the revelation that Doomsday once killed Superman. A good counterpoint to the massive brawl.

The cameo by Wonder Woman is good and her presence facilitates the plot while not overshadowing Superman's actions. I liked her a lot.

Doomsday is a boring villain: he is like a dumber Hulk. However, I like how he is used here. Where the fight isn't the most interesting thing: the Superman-Lex and Lois-Join dynamics shine.

I devoured this book. On the back of the terrible Deathstroke crap, this was a great experience. 5/5!

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