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Monday, July 26, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Captain America: America First

Captain America. After Chris Evans' turn in the suit - which I thought was pretty good, I was excited to find a trade with Cap. At a quick flip-through, this was a collection of war stories. Good!

The book contains three stories. Operation Zero Point, Prisoners of Duty, and Commie Smasher.

The first two stories are "okay." Cap. Evil Nazi doctor. Punching. Explosions. Hot girl (who Cap makes no moves on). Girl dies.

Operation Zero Point has decent art. But resembles more a movie where every move Cap makes is drawn. It reads super-fast since there is almost no dialogue. There is no morality, no serious choice to make here. Cap = Good. Nazi = Bad. Punch = Face. At least give cap some meaningful choice here: destroy the nazi UFOs but kill the other prisoners. Something. Weak writing.

Prisoners' art is pretty bad at times and is a retelling with Cap of the Young Indiana Jones tale when he is taken to the escape-proof castle. Do you think a castle will hold Cap? Nope. Okay this one has an partial choice to it: Cap swears he'll rescue a nurse. Then he breaks out, comes back but her place was bombed in an air raid. Puts a downer on things and robs both Cap and the Nurse of the choice of what to do next. In the end, this was a futile story with crappy art that almost has interesting writing.

The final story, Commie Smasher, was written by a complete idiot, drawn by a drone, and edited by a total moron who has NO IDEA what Cap's Lore is. I mean... Even fans who know Cap only through the MCU know that he was frozen from World War II until "recently." Right? I mean Steve Rodgers spent the 50s encased in ice.

1955: Cap/Steve Rodgers goes after a terrible and overly predictable communist subversion plot in the States. A bad imitation of McCarthyism. The only thing about this story that's any good is the art - which resembles something drawn by classic Disney. Btw, without Cap, this story is "fine," not great and rather forgettable.

My rating for this one is a 1/5. After two uninspired tales, getting that non-sensical tale that completely ignore mythology of the character. Finally done with that crap.

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