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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Justice League Vol. 6

Continuing the series from "Rebirth" I started with Volume 5, I was curious to see what would come after the "Justice League Kids" plot.

In short, not much.

The title of the trade stems from an operation that goes south and a nun is killed with Wonder Woman's sword. Okay, strong start. But that story fizzles out from there and just become "background" as they deal with other, mundane, and eventually less interesting plots. There is no big trials, with anything to mention.

The League discovers that someone they call "The Fan" who is a big supporter of the League, in a stalker-sort of way got a lot of information from the Watchtower and knows a lot about the league. This plot will continue into the next volume. Also, Batman gives up the leadership of the League to Cyborg.

I like the are but this is a not overly exciting book and really sets up what comes next more than anything happening here. It was "okay" so I will give it a weak 3/5. The art is great and there is a clear feeling of something happening.

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