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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Dreams of Dust Reaches Silver

Ravenloft Dreams of Dust is a stand-alone Ravenloft adventure set in a unique setting. It targets a different type of horror, one that is rarely a concern in more D&D games. This pressure turns the adventure from a horror story to a zombie-less survival horror game. Without spoiling anything, this adventure challenged every group of 5th-level characters who crawled out of it.

Dreams of Dust was the first adventure I wrote specifically for the DM's Guild out of an idea I had for Tyrant of Saggakar. One could say that DoD is a version of Saggakar's Ravenloft.

One tidbit: after I completed the writing of the adventure, I added a scene where the lone survivor of the playtest appears to help the PCs a little. I thought that was a nice touch to add. Even if I was cruel to the poor kobold...

It is currently available on DM's Guild

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