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Friday, July 30, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] Superman Vol. 2: Trials of the super son

Continuing the series from "Rebirth" I started with Volume 1. This one, I happened upon during a later trip to the FLCS.

So this title continues the story of Lois, Clark, and Jonathan as they live in the small town of Hamilton. Here, Lois takes a job at the local newspaper. However, the big story here is the Robin (Damian Wayne) vs Superboy as the two clash with each other, while their fathers watch them resolve their differences.

Overall, this is a pretty laid back comic, with some action scenes and good writing. The characters are good and the interaction between them is interesting. There is one scene where the "Smiths" go to the carnival. Clark promises Lois he won't do any Superman stuff, but he catches a group of thieves and arrests them. The funny part is when they all go on the roller coaster, with the two attendants talking about how Superman just came and stopped the thieves, but do so in a gradual way. Their faces are awesome. Clark gets smaller and smaller in his pants while Lois looks more and more like a manga character who gets more and more annoyed. Jon in the middle keeps going "Up," "Up," "Up," as the coaster moves up. And as the the coaster begins to go down, Clark and Jon as really into it but Lois screams at Clark. Fun stuff any married man will understand.

Not much to write home about otherwise.

At the end, we meet a Superman/ Frankenstein's monster mish mash that looked pretty interesting. However, we do not learn much about his origins here.

I will rate this a 3/5. Not as exciting as others but nothing overly bad either. Very middle of the road.

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