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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Programs for two upcoming conventions

Convention Season is nearly upon us again and for me, this means I have to get myself into high gear. I must finish my adventures, fill up campaign information and do a lot of house cleaning I have been putting off. Well, it's getting to be "that time".

Conglomeration, Louisville KY

Going back to Louisville for this con that is just awesome and fun. This year will feature the world premiere of Rhym, a setting written by local newcomer writer, JD Conrad. The only thing I remain unsure about is whether they will be offered

For Rhym, we should have two introductory adventures: Black Sails by JP Chapleau and another, yet unnamed, adventure by JD himself. Both should highlight some of the coolest elements of the setting. Very exciting stuff.

For Saggakar, I plan to have a few new adventure, at least one new adventure for the "Service and Rewards" series (the two hour format) as a premiere, this time House Faremhi. And maybe - just maybe - a new adventure currently called "The Sorrowful Lady" which is a full-length adventure. Though for this second one, I am not so sure if I can finish it in time. I will also be running a special, one-time battle interactive, called The Battle of Lone River, which will pit the ArchDespotate forces against the Fleshburners, a new faction discovered during one of the new adventures.

Lexicon, Lexington KY

Another run in Kentucky! While I am still finishing the exact stories and adventures, I expect to have Service and Rewards - House Ougozar and "The Sorrowful Lady" should be ready to go. Randy Price should be there too, running some his stuff.

I am definitely thinking about running a special there too. I have a number of ideas but need to bolt them down. Which one, and when to run it. Last year I ran 5e Saggakar for the first time and really enjoyed it, why I am still running Saggakar in 5e.

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