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Monday, January 16, 2017

[Frostgrave Campaign] Thaw of the Lich Lord Day 6

Day 6 of our Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign... This time we heard of a magical mansion known as the House of Longreach which held a number of treasures. Not just us, but another force in the city, one "Lich Lord" also sought the treasure. Well neither Kitty nor Mr Gentil had heard of this fellow, but the promise of treasure was enough to get us to run and seek treasure!

This was the first game of the campaign played with just two of us, as ActionMan chose not to join. It would be a very interesting matchup between two illusionists whose top spell is invisibility.

The setup for this one is rather special: the section where we entered represented the ruins of a gigantic house with a number of portals (represented by Warhammer Quest portals). Every time we crossed one of the portal, we had to make a roll and see where the portal would lead. This was proven to be quite dangerous as it not only moved us at random locations, but we took a significant amount of damage, before finally making our way to the treasure room.

The treasure room had two treasures each guarded by a pair of frost wraiths. For this one, I pulled out the old hero quest board, added terrain to it and this is what we had. Made for a fun change of pace as we moved around the map trying to reach the treasure room.

Now this game was pretty destructive to both our warbands... After three rounds, the main board was pretty much abandoned to the random monsters and the Death cultists as Kitty and I ran for the treasure room. We were set for a showdown.

This is the scene of the showdown: I moved on the right with a barbarian, a knight, a templar, and a thug. Kitty moved on the left with a thug and her wizard. During the next monster phase, the cultist I was fighting would beat up my thug, nearly take out my barbarian, and be reinforced by two more cultists! In the end, I took one treasure and Kitty the other before escaping while invisible.

This was a quick but very challenging game that required a lot of tactical movement and mixed with random movement.

I got the special treasure, but both of us managed to get out with three treasures. There were minimal casualties on either side. I had three models left while Kitty had two. We defeated all of the cultists and their zombie troll.

Tough and fun.


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