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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Art: Final Rhym Cover

I was playing L5R last night when I received an email from Irene. She had completed the art for the cover of Rhym! I could barely contain my joy as I opened the illustration... She hit it on the head with the final minor tweaks I asked her to do. I am playing with a few things... As the first cover I completely commissioned, this is a big step for FOE.

Rhym is becoming a real thing too: both JD and I are working on introductory adventures we will unveil at Conglomeration. My adventure is called "Black Sails Over the Horizon" and has a nautical theme. I plan to use some of the terrain pieces I have for it! Most of it is material that has not appeared on this blog yet. Maybe as terrain in a Frostgrave game or two...


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