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Friday, January 20, 2017

[Commission] Samurai and Shugenja

This little group came to me a while ago, but was finished only recently. I don't quite remember why I got them initially, most likely a random ebay win on a minimal bet. These guys include two courtiers, two bushis and a two shugenja. I painted these models after the clans in Legend of the Five Rings.

The courtiers are one Crane (in blue and white) and a Dragon (in green and gold).

The bushi are one Crab (in black and blue) and a Unicorn (in purple and gold).

The shugenja are one Lion (in brown and tan) and one Phoenix (in orange and yellow.)

You may already know, but these guys from the core of my Frostgrave warband! With the crane serving as my wizard and the lion as my apprentice. The crab is my templar and the unicorn my knight.


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