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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unleashed Characters

The following three characters come from the Unleashed box. I found that box in the bargain bin at DiceHead during Post-Apocalypticon 2015. I have had these guys painted back a year ago and just found the pictures in my backlog... I think I initially planned on making one post for each, but I'll just drop them all in one go...

I have not played the

The first guy is a Trollblood named Gullin. The job I did on him left him a little too shiny... But I like the color...

This second one is called Zocha, she is a member of the Tharn for Circle Oroboros. She would make a good leader model for either bloodweavers or bloodtrackers. I painted her with a classic scheme.

This character is the one that puzzles me the most. Why would you want to have a croc-man with a gun? It's like giving Chewbacca a gun! Oh wait... bad example... It's like giving the Thing from the Fantastic Four a gun. Yeah, that's better. Why would you want to us the gun as anything but a club??? I don't know why. Well maybe there is something about that in the game that justifies or clarifies this...

This trog fellow is a pretty interesting model. I was really tempted to used that model for Bloodclaw, the iconic drakonian druid for my Tyrants of Saggakar setting. I eventually decided against it. Still I like how this guy looks.


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