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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Meet the Iconics: Kormac the hunter


Male half-elf (Kheldori/wood elf) ranger savage

From the Princedom of Kheldorn

Kormac was born in the Highlands of Kheldorn. His clan raised woolly cattle for food and clothing. They went to the Lowlands to sell their cloths, leathers, smoked meats and bone tools in return for metal weapons and other supplies. Rough around the edges, Kormac left his home to learn the ways of other people.

Rhym Concepts As a half-elf, Kormac is a man of two people. The elves of Rhym are notoriously isolationist (the wood elves less so) and many of the royal houses refuse to speak of those not sufficiently pure of blood. The wood elves of Kheldorn live on their own, but trade with humans frequently in a series of border towns and settlements. This xenophobic attitude is true not just of the high elves, but of the eladrin and the drow.

He uses a new alternate background: the savage.

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