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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meet the Iconics: Fahran the Tiefling

This series of entries will introduce the six unique characters we will roll out for the Rhym campaign setting. We are still playing with some elements of the characters so the final details are still nebulous and open.


Male tiefling cleric brute

From the Tarani Empire

As a boy, Fahran quickly understood that he could not do everything by himself, so he joined a gang. He served many minor nobles as a goon, extorking and shaking down his clients. This let him to get noticed by the clergy of the Iron Lord and he joined the Order of Saint Iskandar. He loves being a priest as it grants him many priviledge. He favors the legalistic aspect of his faith, as others are more receptive to its message.

Fahran serves the Order of Saint Iksandar, a warrior order dedicated to the expansion of their order and the subjugation of other nations.

Rhym Concepts Fahran is a thug, a new background.

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