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Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Commissions [Warmachine, Malifaux, Pathfinder]

Been a while since I really did a lot of painting. Really sit down and get it all done. So with much more talk, minis.


These guys have been partially painted for months now. Yesterday (and early this morning), I decided to get everything off my plate and finish my army. I am now done with my Rhulic army. You will notice a single human in there... You would be correct. I love the mini so I got me one of them! She is Madelyne Corbo, a courtesan. I painted her as a soiled dove of sorts. This one is fully painted!

Pathfinder Society

The two Pathfinder minis are for Pathfinder characters. The Napoleonic officer (a French Officer) was painted for my buddy Todd who has a Taldan sorcerer using the image of Maréchal Murat. While I did not have a mini of the Maréchal, I used that one instead. I like the red and white contrast. The second is a ninja character.


These minis I've been intrigued by for a while and my chance to get my hands on them happened when my buddy Stephen (for whom I had already done a number of commission work), asked me if I wanted to paint his army. I agreed. Those miniatures I really enjoyed painting those (next update will include one mini from the lot I hate with a passion).

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