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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] Character Options for NeoExodus

But JP, you ask. But what about MY character??? What new options do I have?

The base classes remain unchanged, with Gunslingers having to be from the Protectorate, and oracles getting extra options for existing mysteries.

The apothecary is an archetype for the alchemist, joining healing abilities.

I’ve mentioned the cleric of the Kaga many times already. This archetype is the only one that allows a player to play a "devoted" of the Kaga. These characters are arcane casters, rather than divine.

The fist of the dragon is an archetype for barbarian that focus on the power of dragons. This archetype is very suited to members of the Janus Horde. New dragon-flavored rage powers are found in the book.

Janissary is a monk archetype that provides them with some psionic training allowing them to command and control others around them. Janissaries are known for imposing truces on the most hostile opponents.

The peacekeeper is an organization formed during the Twilight War by the Protectorate. These warriors are completely devoted to the Protectorate and the Sanguine Covenant. At certain level, they gain faith-based abilities named "diligences" rather than feats. These feats may grant the peacekeeper spell-like abilities, bonuses to skills checks or his CMD.

Prestige Class

The High Guard are the personal bodyguards of the Canean Crown. Tough and resilient, these warriors can take hits for others and command the battlefield around them.

The Imperial Man-at-arms is the elite mailed fist of the Imperial Alliance. These warriors fight on through sheer force of will. They are also granted authority over alliance representatives.

The Khalid Asad - eternal lion in Qijomi - are the Dominion’s mage slayers. These warriors move behind enemy like to disrupt spell casters. Many a spell caster fell to their blades and unconventional tactics.

The Panther Warrior are an order of warriors from the Confederacy who specialize in single, heroic combat. Panther warriors are warriors of legend rumored to have the ability to transform into feline form and attack with multiple weapons.

The Protectorate Artillerist is a combat engineer who can command Protectorate artillery batteries from a distance. These men and women know the weaknesses of constructs and exploit them. They can also command constructs by sight.

Wyrdcasters are a type of spell casters found exclusively in the Dominion. Wyrd is a type of magic that is a blend of divination and fate-manipulation. Wyrd ravages the body but opens great magical possibilities to its practitioners. Wyrd techniques add a lot of power to spells, but all come at a price.

Next time: Some feat sample.


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