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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What have I (not) been doing? [Travel, Paizo, NeoExodus]

Been a while since I posted anything and I’m feeling withdrawal pains. So let me give you a number of updates on things I am working on.

I spent last week in Phoenix, Arizona at my parents’ winter home, practicing my golf and generally doing little in the way of work. This was a fun time with the kids, the wife and my parents. Another trip is in the cards… when? I don’t know but we’ll be going back. While there I got to see a hockey game (Anaheim @ Phoenix) with my dad. Something he hadn’t done since the 80s. Great times!

My commission painting work is doing well: my painting table is filled with minis I need to paint. Now to actually finish painting all I need to do. Not an easy task. I have some more Malifaux (for Stephen) and a Pathfinder mini (for Brad) I need to complete. I look forward to painting them, as I plan to try some different techniques with the Malifaux minis.

I am doing some Society work for Paizo but can’t say much more due to fears of the NDA-monster. Mind all of you: it’s going to be something that changes many of what we assume about Society. [NDA] Oh crap! I said too much. When you hear the official announcement, you’ll go (like I did) WOW! This is an awesome announcement! I really did.

Speaking of which I am starting to get organized for Genghis Con in Denver (weekend after Valentine's Day). Most of the guys who GM'd for me at Tacticon offered to do so again, which is a great plus. Jeff Kokx from Enchanted Grounds has agreed to organize and run Slot Zeroes for me, further taking me out of the equation, thanks Jeff, much appreciated. Getting the con to be our biggest event in the Denver area is a major undertaking. I am looking forward to the con. It will be good times.

Last summer, I posted that I was writing an episode for Steam Radio. As of this exact time, I have completed nine scenes and am working through the tenth. It sees the crew travel to a remote location of the world in search of a lost explorer. I really like writing for it. It’s such a new and different way to write. Since there is no visuals, you have to rely on the dialog for the express purpose of presenting anything Look at this big building, it must be at least a hundred yards across! A different - and thus far very enjoyable experience.

NeoExodus is going strong. Louis ran a MASSIVE sale over the Thanksgiving holiday, which coincided with the official release of NeoExodus. You can still get the super bundle at There is still a lot of material on my plate with material coming out and so little time to do it. I have been working on an upcoming NeoExodus monster book, I have personally dubbed Scions of the First Ones, but I doubt the name will stick, but I find it an interesting name for a work-in-progress. Whatever the case, I created a number of new monsters for NeoExodus, some that have ties to the First Ones and others that are completely new. They include the Feral Aneishis and the Swamp Spud (a name I know Louis will love).

Oh and I'm still waffling on the Google Plus thing (I still have a lot of invites to give if you need them). Yes it has nice features but the lack of an API and the impossibility to post from other sources to it make it... Well, it takes away from me seeing the use in it. Google, please hurry and get us that API.

So there you have it! What I am currently doing.


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  1. I actually like Scions of the First Ones, but swamp spud....