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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] New Feats of NeoExodus

One of the big decisions we had to face on NeoExodus, was "How close do we want to stay to the core game?" As you know, the answer was "a lot". This early decision really changed the way we would approach feat creation and inclusion into the final book.

The 3.5 version of NeoExodus has a lot of feats. I mean A LOT of them. Many of them granted similar abilities to many races. The Dalreans and the Sasori in particular, had lost their uniqueness through over-seeding in feats. So I sat down and went through the list, trying to focus on each races’ uniqueness. Thus, the Sasori are not the only ones who do poison on their own. The Dalreans have a definite nature/ plant bend they lacked before.

At first, I hated myself for cutting so many feats. But nothing is really lost! My backup files include feats I liked, but felt did not belong in the campaign book. Many of these other ones I plan to add into regional books, create some regional alternate racial traits... Keeps the core book smaller (and thus cheaper for the buy) and present the races as WE see them.

Looking at the list, you can very easily see that most feats are race-specific, with some races getting more than others. The Enukas, for example have only 3 specific feats, but the book gives a list of over twenty mutations for them to chose from. The Kalisan qualify for all of the feats found in Enemies of NeoExodus: The Caliban. The gevet do not have any race-specific feats... Why? Oh wait! Because they count as both outsider (native) and Human for effects related to race. That's quite a collection!

Here is the list of feats you can find in the NeoExodus Core Book.

Race-Specific Feats

CavianCavian Bite Mastery, Hive Fighting, Hive Node, Greater Seeds of Clairvoyance
CyneanArcane Crystal, Arcane Crystal Energy, Arcane Crystal Resilience, Arcane Crystal Shield, Arcane Crystal Strike, Greater Arcane Body, Faceted Body, Greater Faceted Body, Improved Faceted Body, Metallic Lacing, Terran Sorcery, Improved Terran Sorcery
DalreanGuarded by Nature, Hail of Thorns, Hardy Form, Plantsense, Plantsight, Rebuke Nature, Spellbud, Tough Bark, Thorns, Vegetative Mind
EnukaAdditional Mutation, Mutation Focus, Predatory Nature
KalisanCannibalize, Greater Cannibalize, Improved Cannibalize
PrymidianAnatomical Targeteer, Implied Threat, Multi-Tentacle Fighting, Rational Argument, Scholarly Upbringing, Sharp Wit, Tentacle Jab, Tentacle Lash
P’TanBlack Lightning Beam, Black Lighting Bolt, Black Lightning Burst, Black Lightning Cone, Black Lightning Fist, Black Lightning Sheath, Black Lightning Surge, Daylight Adaptation
SasoriInformation Network, Poison Immunity, Greater Poison Immunity, Scorpion Sight, Venomous Coating, Venomous Spittle, Vermin Call, Virulent Poison, Well-Informed

Nation-Specific Feats

ConfederacyDancing Warrior, Greater Dancing Warrior
Janus HordeDraconic Bloodline, Draconic Inheritance

General Feats

CraftingCraft Candle
GeneralAssault Formation, Disrupt Spell Trigger, Disrupt Spell-Like Ability, Energy Absorption, Into the Hole, Jungle Born, Menacing, Pain Focused the Mind, Phalanx Leader, Potion Guzzler, Rhino’s Charge, Shield Expertise, Spear Mastery, Stalwart Casting, Tactical Move, Team Leader
WyrdArcane Wyrd, Wyrd Blood, Improved Wyrd Blood, Wyrd Casting, Wyrd Communication, Wyrd Time, Wyrd Visions, Improved Wyrd Visions


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