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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] Faiths of Exodus, Part 2

The Cult of the Dragon

Though the name brings up thoughts of another similarly-named cult in another campaign setting, NeoExodus’ Cult of the Dragon does not worship dragons or consider them to be of worship.

A belief system that exists almost exclusively among the barbarians of the Janus Horde, the accepted version is that nature rests upon a powerful dragon. Followers of the cult believe that they have to slay and defeat nature’s wrath – incarnated by dragons and other such enormous beasts. To that end, they embark on quest and slay the biggest monsters they can find and drink of their blood. For the blood makes them stronger.

Like most things about the Janus Horde, the exact origin and meaning of this faith is unclear at best. The few active priests (who are mostly all oracles or druid) do not fully agree with each other about the exact nature of the faith. They even have difficulty agreeing on the look, location, creation of the dragon. The only thing that matters to them is that they take nature by the horns, claws, jaws or wherever else they may grab on and plunge a sword into it.

The Sanguine Covenant has declared the Cult of the Dragon and all its followers to be heretics.

Next time: More minor faiths of Exodus (after Neoncon)


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