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Friday, November 11, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] Faiths of Exodus, Part 3

The Cult of the Emissary

The Cult of the emissary is a cult that sprang up recently. It contends that the Sanguine Covenant has lost its way and that deep reforms are needed. It also contends that worship of the Venerates is heretical, that the Sanguine Lord can only be reached through his own envoy, the Emissary of the Sanguine Lord. Emissarists contend that only through his own words can one reach paradise. Emissary Cults are growing along the Abaddon River basin.

Emissarists have formed many militaristic militias that roam the countryside destroying all who oppose the supremacy of the Emissary.

The cult is obviously inspired by a mixture of Reformation and early Islam. These two periods led to extremely violent and brutal conflicts. The cult of the Emissary is one such cult.

With such teachings, many wonder why the Archprelate has not declared the cult to be heretical.

The Lawgiver

The Lawgiver is a man who appeared some twenty years ago among the camps of the Janus Horde warning about an impending doomsday that will befall the world. To prepare, he told his disciple they would have to follow a strict regimen and prepare themselves and their bodies to become weapons to fight this apocalypse.

Faithful are branded with a tribal tattoo of ancient design. This brand, called the Lazarus Brand, is said to make the faithful resistant to damage, to disease and even death. These brands can be placed anywhere on the body. Branded followers head out into the world to pick fights and perfect their martial mastery.

The cult of the Lawgiver is heretical to the Sanguine Covenant.


Not a unified religion per say, but an umbrella that gathers many different faiths. These faiths range from ancestor worship to the worship of local spirits. Some cults often remain small and unnoticed until they rise to prominence. The Cult of the Dragon is one such cult. Most of these cults are tolerated by the Sanguine Covenant, though some are persecuted. The Brotherhood of Khayne frequently uses shamanist cults as a front to cover their activities.

Next time: The major evil faiths of Exodus. Yes, I say EEEEEEEVVVVILLLLLL!!!


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