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Friday, November 11, 2011

Neoncon 2011: The Hate

Reading my previous three parts about my trip to Vegas for Neoncon, it is easy to think that I am happy and that everything was great at Neoncon. But NOTHING could be further from the truth. I have a lot of hate to send out to people.

Doug is the mastermind behind Neoncon and someone who has been nothing but nice to me, even when I was purposefully a dick to his kobold character… Any one of his characters really. This time, Doug went too far: he organized a great show once again in spite of some political issues (issues I won't go into here as they're not my opinionated self to comment upon). Then he gathered a collection of swag that made me so jealous, a pile of swag that makes classic adventures look like a poor man’s treasure hunt. I am certain there were more than a few magic items in the large shelves behind his staff. Then he – and his staff – go on and give away all the NeoExodus Campaign book! That book should retail for 100$+, if not a million bucks!

Let me throw Jeremy Olson under the bus… When I sat down at his Shadowrun Missions on Thursday night, I was looking forward to four hours of wacky Seattle-based madness, then be on my way happy to have tried something but not wanting more. But because of him (and his table of 'runners), I found myself actually enjoying Shadowrun and looking forward to MORE missions! As if I had time for more gaming? Really? More gaming? Just because the character he built for me is exactly what I wanted to play and that somehow I managed to survive (and be useful) to the group, I have no reason to spare him. So to you sir, I say, a chicken on your head! Now I will have pacify my wife twice as much!

Then there is Mike Brock, my Paizo Overlord. Mike emailed me that he had something he needed to talk to me about and that we should set aside a few minutes during the con. I wondered what he was gonna tell me. Turns out we had our chance on the first slot (Thursday afternoon). Although the NDA monster is gonna eat up anything I could say about the chat, he had my head spinning and my ideas and thoughts running a thousand miles an hour (and still is). You will noticed that I pointed the speed in mph rather than the kilometers I know and love. I’m already losing sleep because of him and I KNOW I will be losing a lot more. And it’s all Mike’s fault. I know it has nothing to do with my yapping and BS about "putting my money where my mouth is". Trust me, I know. That has nothing to do with anything!

How could I post a hate-filled email without mentioning Louis Porter Junior? That’s right. The man behind NeoExodus… There are so many reasons to send hate his way. Throughout the con he was worried about things like How many characters killed? or Are they running in terror? or How did they like it?. You know the kind of questions one cannot ask… For those are part of the GM-player confidentiality agreement of 1988TM. I would not be the one to break such an agreement… Who would I be if I told that I killed no one? That on two out of three NeoExodus tables, the players opted NOT to continue and flee (they’ll say withdraw, but they are lying). Or that the overall vibe was positive regarding NeoExodus? I mean COME ON, MAN! I won’t be THAT GUY, LPJ. Find yourself another stool pigeon!

Dave Stern. David A. Stern III. You thought you’d escape my hate-filled wrath? WELL NO! For those of you who do not know Dave played in my shortened version of The Sashenka Incident on Saturday morning. Then in the afternoon, with a NeoExodus book in hand, he approached me with some thoughts about the adventure. Insightful comments, yes. Valid comments, yes. But they force me to work to include them… like a good twenty minutes! It’s like a lifetime! REVENGE!

Can I say a word about time change? Because of you, I woke up in a panic! Then I called the front desk thinking it was 6am! That girl giggled and said "sir, it's only 4." Thought that was clever? Well I did not! I could not go back to sleep after that... Forced me to get up with my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. Not Cool. Not Cool.

Oh! Did I mention anything about the 14$ sandwiches or the 24$ cheese pizzas? Well hate to you too! Don't laugh... Only in Vegas could you find those.

Oh! And also lemme send hate to all of you who did not attend Neoncon. We could’ve use a few more people!

I must calm down… The dark side surged within me so much that got sick all day yesterday.

That’s it for Neoncon. I’ll attend again next year!


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