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Friday, October 14, 2011

Multi-Media JP!

This installment is based around a number of multimedia things I have done.

A few weeks back, Bill Woods asked me to go on the Enchanted Grounds podcast. Topics to include gaming, writing, and NeoExodus. However, we got off-track and talked about gaming in a number of ways. The resulting chat is very interesting. Check it out! You can find the podcast on the Enchanted Grounds website

The second multimedia offering I have today is the result of a unique situation. Last night, as my wife was at her night classes, I had just put The Boy down for the night. That was the time that I have to myself. So I went downstairs, got online and thought about not doing what I should've - such as completing my stat blocks for NeoExodus. Then I see a tweet that went like this:

Oh well I guess no one wants free artwork by yours truly. Not even enough to just hangout in a chat with me

Free artwork?! My interest was piqued.

So I replied and got onto Google Hangout with Kaitlyn Peavler (@thedandmom on twitter). She and I chatted a little for a while as I procrastinated. She shared her screen upon which I could watch her draw. I do not know why, but I like to watch people draw or paint. So I watched as she drew... Suddenly, I went "Are you drawing ME??? Turns out she was! We kept talking as I saw a cartoon version of myself appear on the screen - talk about hypnotized.

A few short minutes later, she send me the following drawing. I really look nice and thin! Thanks Kaitlynn! Check her out and follow her on Twitter (@thedandmom)!


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