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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have a minion!

In the weekly blog post for Pathfinder Society - which came a day late because Paizo had a day off on "made-up day" Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving). Lucky them. At least I got to watch my Montreal Alouettes qualify for the Grey Cup playoffs while here at work. (Check it out)

I have to say that the decision was not an easy one. With so many great volunteers, the field was vast. I needed someone who was known in the community. I needed someone who was in the Denver-Metro area. I needed someone who was a quality GM. I needed someone who had played a lot. I needed someone who was "store-neutral" (meaning someone not tied to a specific store who could move between them without creating tension). I needed someone with whom I could work to push forward my many insane ideas.

I have to admit that after putting down all those criteria, I was able to narrow down the field to three. In the end, approached Scott to me my left-hand man. Scott initially refused, but after I explained all my reasons and expanded upon why I chose him, he saw that he was the right man for the job. So to all I offer to you, Scott Crosson, my Venture-Lieutenant!

So Scott, as of today you can say:


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