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Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] Races of NeoExodus

I’ve been talking about the unique races for NeoExodus to you for a while. Well, they are. As I write this, I am looking (on my other screen) at the finalized format of the Races of Exodus chapter of the book. NICE. (But don’t tell LPJ, it’ll go to his head.)


The Cavians are a race of psionic rat-men. After the fall of the First Ones, they rose to prominence in what is not frigid Nas. The Cavian race opted to explore the field of the mind and create what is now a hive mind. The goals of the Hive Mind are nebulous and unclear to most, creating fear and mistrust. This led to the War of Mind and Magic where the Sorcerer-Kings of Abaddon and the Cavians clashed in the biggest conflict since the defeat of the first ones. In defeat, the cavian retreated to parts unknown. Where they disappeared to is the topic of hot debate. About six decades ago, the Cavians returned to Exodus. They have since spread throughout Exodus where many see them with mistrust.

Cavians are medium creatures with a bite and a natural ability to detect thoughts. Cavians may be part of the Hive Mind or Severed. Their mere presence makes people extremely nervous, making cavians unwelcome in high society.

Recommended classes: Any psionic class, rogues and ninja (anything stealthy)

Non-Recommended classes: Divine casters (Cavians are not very spiritual)


The Cyneans are a race of crystalline humanoids with a strong fascination with all things arcane. They are eager seekers of knowledge and arcane mysteries. They are stoic and calm. Cyneans hail from the non-Alliance island of Gavea but have migrated throughout southern Exodus.

Cyneans are medium creatures with crystalline bodies. Their bodies naturally manipulate arcane energies around their bodies to provide them with further protection. Some Cynean may manipulate the arcane energies to various ways.

Recommended classes: Any arcane casters

Non-Recommended classes: Divine casters (Cynean abilities focus around arcane power)


The Dalrean are plant humanoids, drawing from both heritage. They live in patches in the thickest and most remote forests of Exodus. Theirs is an extremely complex social structure that is incomprehensible to other races. Each patch is a nation in itself. Some dalreans sometimes leave their patch to travel the world, a concept they have difficulty explaining to others. Another unique feature about them is that they do not actually speak, sending spores that allow them to communicate with other life forms.

Dalrean are part humanoid and part plant, counting as both of the purpose of being targeted by spells or effects. They can make parts of their body glow and live only on sunlight and water, but are vulnerable to the environment.

Recommended classes: Druid, ranger or barbarian

Non-Recommended classes: Clerics, and classes that require a lot of study


The Enuka are big, loud and powerful. Hailing from the jungles of northern Exodus, an enuka sees the world in terms of predator and prey. They seek to be the apex predator at all times. Enuka appearances vary wildly from one to the next due to the many mutations common to the race. Enukas themselves consider these mutations natural and do not have any prejudices. Some mutations develop later in an enuka’s life.

Enukas are medium-sized humanoids (but on the bigger side). Unlike other races, enukas benefit from different mutations that help them. Some are very big, others have tough furs, others can swim very well, and others have an oversize jaw. Creating an enuka character gives you a LOT of options to customize the character to your taste. No two enukas are the same.

Recommended classes: Fighter, barbarian, or ranger

Non-Recommended classes: Arcane spell casting classes.


The gevet are a race that were excluded from the original “Races of NeoExodus” book for a number of reasons. After reviewing them, I gave them a partial re-do from the original 3.5 document and added them to the campaign book. They really add another dimension to the world. You know when sometimes you are missing something you don’t know you are missing? The gevet are that race. The more I read and thought about them, the more I could see the adding to NeoExodus.

The gevet are a race of human/outsider hybrids hailing from the burning Cordelian Desert in the Dominion. Gevet are a type of tiefling native to Exodus. They have a reputation as being devious, aloof and distant from all others while females are seen as promiscuous and sex-crazed. Gevet consider family to be extremely important and females especially so. Women are held in great reverence and fertility is the greatest gift they can give the tribe. They are commonly involved in crime syndicates, kidnapping, slave trading and other similar activities.

Gevet are medium-sized outsiders and humans for any effect related to race. All gevet are resistant to fire.

Recommended classes: Males tend to be rogues, bards, or rangers. Females tend towards being clerics, oracles or bards.

Non-Recommended classes: Males avoid becoming clerics.

Next: More races of Exodus!


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