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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why I should not be allowed to draw anything

In case you did not know, I think my gaming expertise lies in the realm of writing and what I like to call scenaristic (how to make a good adventure). I would like to present you with an example of my computer-based drawing skills. As you all know, Louis Porter and I are in the process of completing the layout for the NeoExodus Campaign book.

Louis posted a trial cover for us to see the contrast and get an idea of the colorization effect. Here is what he posted:

I like the simplicity of the composition and the shades of grey really makes the logo pop. Many have commented on Louis's Facebook. About the boobs... Okay, the model is fine... as in <Ebonic>DANG GIRL! You FINE!</Ebonic> No worries. She is not gonna be the final cover girl. No, I'm not turning away from my love affair with female breasts. Those mysterious and glorious orbs are the two things that have prevented me from become a priest.

I gave Louis a series of ideas for the composition of the cover, to try and see how they would come out. So I tried to explain, but I got a feeling that he did not understand what I meant. So I opened MS-Paint and went ahead and created the following composition. (click on the pic to get a better view...)

Now you understand why Louis does not call upon me as an artist... The elements are three of the top villains of the setting: Makesh, Haru Anon and Nysska from the Folding Circle (major terror organization) and the Sphere, is nothing other than the Annihilation Sphere... A nice apocalypse device I wrote the background for... And now you know who controls it... I don't think my idea will make the final cut... But then again... it might be because of the art...


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