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Monday, October 31, 2011

250th post, New stuff for Neoncon and Commission

This is the 250th post to this blog! Thanks to all of my readers!

But you did not come here for that. This past weekend, I completed a number paint jobs I needed to do. First the new miniatures I painted for the new NeoExodus adventures. They are historicals I will use as a members of the Janus Horde. The first four miniatures are from Old Glory's "Horse Archers" range. These were extras I have from my Parthian army. The final one is an ancient Egyptian from Foundry.

This one will be a leader, wielding a lance, which I modeled as a xyston.

This one is a Hordes' spell caster.

The next series of miniatures are also for the Janus Hordes. These miniatures are Sea People from Foundry. The Sea People were a confederation of people coming from the Black Sea and/or Aegean Sea area. They both served and fought against ancient Egypt. (Wikipedia's entry on the Sea People, which is pretty decent). These minis I painted with the white skin of Kalisans. Three of them have swords and one has a misc bladed weapon.

All of the minis above will be used as NeonCon for the first time as part of "Ruins of Trovaska". I am very excited.

Finally, last week I posted some of my latest commissions and I hinted at a "third" commission. This one is an interesting one. The shield with the huge tongue is a focal point. Steve asked me to have an "armor colored" armor, with a blue tint to it. The base was electric blue, then three different washes and silver highlights to create a very crisp-looking armor. I kept the The picture makes the armor appear much bluer than it appears. The red sash was used to add extra highlight. The final miniature is very interesting.


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