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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Commissions October 2011

It has been a while since I posted an update on painted minis I have done. Mostly because I forgot to put up the pics...

The first mini was commissioned by my friend Steve (for whom I painted an Amiri the Pathfinder barbarian some time ago). He liked what I did for him (and I'm not shy to admit that I like it too). So he commissioned me for three more pieces. Here are the first two.

The Human Assassin

The first one he commissioned for his brother. It is an rogue/assassin characters who skulks around a lot. So dark, green-based colors. However, when he moves in for the kill, he flicks his cloak open revealing a much more visible color on the inside. He asked if it would be possible to model a rapier in place of one of the knives. Piece of cake (to do), trick (to do right).

I found this an interesting challenge to paint up a "drab" character. If you follow my blog and painting works, you know that I like to use strong accent colors. But I could not here. I really like the final result. It's drab, but in a colorful way. The greens and the brown play well together. The inside of the cloak, I did a much lighter shade of green, this serves as an accent for the mini without looking out of place.

The Dwarf with bad teeth

The second mini would challenge my sculpting skills and one I didn't tell him but I was a tad apprehensive. The original is a orc archer. A nice Reaper mini. Steve wants to use it as a dwarf. "I have a 5 Charisma, so an orc mini is perfect! All he needs is a beard". You can't beat that kind of logic. He wanted a nature-type, so again, muted, earthy colors: browns and greens

So I took the mini, brought out the green stuff, and began sculpting. I did the lower beard first then added a thick mustache. The skull cap I turned into hair. The result is a nasty, dirty dwarf with VERY bad teeth and a big beard. I did some extra detail on the tunic with two-tone red lines that give it the appearance of a near-plaid. Interesting piece. I look forward to playing with Steve's character again...

The Third Mini...

I did mention a 3rd mini... that one will have to wait for another day... I did not like how the shield came out. So I will have to re-detail it.

I was asked about commission work: I take them. Contact me directly JP at and we'll talk.


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