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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Avatar of the Kaga] Races of NeoExodus, Part 2

You can find the first part of this entry here. That first part covers the Cavians through the Gevet.


Like the Gevet, the Kalisans are a new race that arrives with the Setting Book. Like with the gevet, Louis and I talked a lot about this race and its potential inclusion. In the end, they were just too cool to leave out. Here’s why…

The kalisans are an offshoot of the calibans (see Monsters of NeoExodus: Caliban). Now the calibans are a race of cannibalistic humanoids (they eat any living things, not just other calibans). The kalisans are the more civilized members of that race. They are nomadic and travel throughout Exodus. Kalisans relish in battle and the thrill of combat. They have served as mercenaries for every nation in Exodus. Today, they are common in the jungles of north and western Exodus.

However, other races dislike them because of their cannibalistic ways (though they are omnivorous, kalisans can eat almost anything). A kalisan who eats the flesh of another might gain a number of bonuses, including skill bonuses to ability bonuses (there are a number of feats). Kalisans are definitely a unique race that presents a type of role-playing challenge not found elsewhere. They can gain power by consuming fallen foes… but will they do it? Is there a darker – yet unrevealed purposed to this? Does this power have a price?

Kalisans are medium creatures. They frequently fight beyond normal means and can run and keep force marching for extended periods.

Recommended classes: Fighters, barbarians, rangers and rogues.

Non-Recommended classes: Arcane spell casters.


The Prymidian are a race of red-skinned humanoids that have a supernatural mastery of language. Whether this ability is based in some innate magical ability OR in some form of minor psionic power is not clear. What is clear is that prymidians are able to speak with most intelligent creatures they encounter.

Their affinity with words is not the main thing they are known for. Prymidians have long tentacles that grow out of their forearms that can extend roughly another arm’s length. This ability gives the Prymidian some limited additional reach (some of the new feats in the book further modifies or enhance these tentacles). Prymidians value reason, research and scholarly pursuits above all. They frequently come across as aloof, arrogant and long-winded. Most prefer long words and intricately crafted sentences to simple words.

Prymidians are medium creatures with an ability to speak with any creature that has a language (but they do not gain or retain knowledge of the language beyond immediate interaction). They can also cast read magic at will.

Recommended classes: Bards, monks.

Non-Recommended classes: Barbarians, Divine spell casters.


I have to admit that the first time I saw the P’Tan, I rolled my eyes and went *groan* another catfolk race. But after I began to look at them a little deeper, I began to see there was more than meets the eye. They are not “just” catfolk, but they have a history that makes them unique and abilities that truly take them to a whole other level.

The p’tan were one of the slave races that fought under the First Ones, although not very numerous, the First Ones experimented on them and vastly increased their numbers by infusing them with energy from the shadow plane. Later in the history of Exodus, the P’Tan broke free from the First Ones and made their way back to Exodus. This late departure mixed with a healthy distrust of anything related to the First Ones, makes the P’Tan seen as untrustworthy and still linked with their former masters.

P’Tan are medium creatures with the natural ability to generate black lightning – they call shadowspark. Their otherworldly origin means they are outsiders with the native subtype. They see in the dark and have a natural affinity to fight against the First Ones. That close proximity with shadows and darkness make the P’Tans dazzled in bright lights. Feats in the book allow the P’Tan to modify their shadowspark ability from being a ranged touch attack to a number of forms, such as making them area of effect.

Recommended classes: Rogues, Clerics or Rangers

Non-Recommended classes: Wizards, Summoners, or Witches


Sasori are a races of humanoid with scorpion features. Sasori occupy a niche that is very unique in all of Exodus… Though demand for other resources such as money, weapons, and influence wax and wane, the only resources in constant, ravenous demand is information. Sasoris are information peddlers, passing information back and forth through an unseen web. This makes them very powerful. Because of that power, other races both fear and need the Sasori.

Sasori are medium-sized creatures with a natural affinity towards vermin of all types. They have poisonous blood that makes most creatures unwilling to eat them. They are also great at skulking around.

Recommended classes: Monks, Rogues, Clerics

Non-Recommended classes: Bards, Sorcerers, Oracles, and Summoners

Next: The final installment in the series, including the dilemma over elves and dwarves!