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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

[Thanks for the Memories] Heroes of Rokugan

This past Gencon, Heroes of Rokugan ended its "five" year arc and fourth campaign. I've been involved as a player and a writer (earlier this year) with this campaign for six years. With the end of the campaign, came the news the campaign would move on to the new Edge/FFG system.

With that decision, which I agree is good for the campaign, I chose to step away from it. I love the "classic" AEG d10 system for its simple deterministic nature. After all, the 4th edition of L5R, is well over a decade old and is currently available from Amazon for the "low" price of... 300$! (plus shipping).

I've stated before that the new dice system does not do it for me. I could get into it, but I already have mountains of dice that do it for me. I've no intention to buy new ones. It's a weak argument, I know. I just don't want to put in the effort into this new system. Instead of giving a half-hearted effort, I am just walking off into the sunset and say goodbye to all the great people of that campaign.

Big thank you, everyone

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