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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Gencon 2022 After Action Report Part 5

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It was a very good Gencon for FOE. Every event ran as planned with enough players to safely go on (not tables of 2 or 3).

I listened in on games throughout the weekend and really enjoyed the different styles and flavors.

So what do I take away from this year's Gencon?

- Have a spare tire Pretty self-explanatory.

- Masks/vax As you can see by the pictures, outside of the main Convention Center, they were mostly-optional. I hope this hysteria will end this year. The vax-line was just ridiculously long on Wednesday and it really proved little. I hope all that craziness ends with 2022.

- New GMs I will admit that I was worried about the new GMs. Since I never met many of them prior to the con, each came through like champs. A true all-star lineup. With the con ending, I can honestly call Adam, Bill, Jason, Logan, and Marissa, my friends (I knew and called Matt & Will friends already).

Jp watching his titan army disappear - Don't run/write 5 specials in one year By special, I mean a multi-table, one-shot event. Five was just too much. As I don't want to redo the same thing twice, I really pushed myself. I think next year, I will have three (or four) specials with four "regular" adventures. This will allow to keep the formula fresh and tweak it.

- Pimp myself out Quite frankly, this is something that Matt brought on the carride back. Offer a "special", much like I did for "Back Door to Hades" this year. But perhaps offer multiple times during the con. I am thinking of a "Welcome to Ozaka" or something else. I have time and choices to decice what I want.

- Run Morning and Evenings I came home with my voice and my health intact.

- Sidekicks I created sidekicks as replacement characters. These were well-received and behaved pretty solidly in spite of the events. One player event asked to play the sidekick two events in a row! I was surprised and pleased at once.

- Recap mods With FOE having run an ongoing campaign for multiple years now, I need to have adventures that can bring new players up to speed, if only for the important events. I would hate for a new player to be completely lost. I want them to know the events so they can make educated choices.

Parts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7

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