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Monday, August 15, 2022

Gencon 2022 After Action Report Part 6

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Divine Interventions

More than a few people decided to call upon the gods. Sometimes, it helped...

- Athena appeared and spelled out her desires clearly. Some people discovered that even the gods have no control or information about what lie beyond the Mists...

- Zeus blasted someone with lightning, so angry was he at the events unfolding.

Outcomes (Adventures)

- Akhamet 1: Dead and Buried Saggakara retrieved her magic item!

- Olympia 1: The Marauding Titan A wedding has been arranged, even if the arrangements remain to be made...

- Olympia 2: Best Served Cold (From Memory) The criminal did not manage to escape Mytenia and paid for her crimes.

- Olympia: Hexcraling the Cyclopeans Only Notus, Ares' horse of the southern winds was not rescued.

The three "regular" adventures will be available on DriveThruRPG "shortly."

Outcomes (Specials)

- Back Door to Hades The First Ones special I ran on Thursday. The Titans and the First Ones did sign an alliance and traded hostages. The First Ones freed multiple titans, including Ypogeios (who ravaged Seraklis), the Tarrasque, and Typhon.

- Battle of Seraklis The city of Seraklis was attacked first by the undead of the Deep Tide. When it retreated, a massive Titan, called Ypogeios attacked and destroyed large swaths of the city. While heroes from Akhamet and beyond fought off that monster, Prince Diogenes led the priests into invoking Pharaoh to banish the creature. Much to rebuild.

- Mytenian Coronation After much deliberation, games, and challenges, it was decided that Princess Kreomene would be crowned queen of Mytenia. She won with a narrow margin of 10 votes vs 7 for Queen Aria, and 5 undecided votes. With the goddess Eris getting involved, someone present poisoned the wine of the Spartian Ambassador, sparking open warfare with Lexos.

- Mytenian War The public murder of the envoy led to all-out war. Forces loyal to Mytenia, scored a major victory (which I did not think possible). They allied with the bullywugs of King Klarglbur, bribed the enemy general, trained the militia and helped organize the population, creating a corp of combat nurses (that helped them during the battle). However, the battle was not against the Lexosian, but against an army of titans emerging from the depths of the earth! They inflicted a major beating on the titans, severely hurting the titanic dragon that flew around and took on every table. Chosen Patrons Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Hades

- Reforging the seal It was time for heroes to gather and beat back the titans. They reached out to the Aetian Empire, the Minosian Empire, and the Spartian Hegemony for help. With added troops, they invaded the island only to find... a couple of titans and mercenaries! Then they were given a green acorn to bind and close the portal where the titans. After hearing of the alliance, they chose to bind the portal to the First Ones instead, allowing Typhon and his titans to escape to threaten the might of Olympus.

A rumble growls beneath your feet, making everyone stop to look around.

The ground turns upon itself, sending everyone flying. The floor and ceiling begin to tango in a vigorous dance of death. You scramble towards the exit.

Seeing the sky provides only the barest of respite as the island moves. The mountains now loom over you, evermore with each passing second. The seas bubble and churn as even the waves themselves can’t seem to decide if they want to come or go.

The skies suddenly turn dark, turning red, then purple, then a dark shade of grey, none of these having to do with clouds. The land breaks apart, revealing massive cracks as sections of the island are projected into the air!

Only then can you see the entirety of what is happening. The massive titan that slept beneath the island stood up.

A long serpentine tail with a body made up of vines. No, made of serpents. No, made of draconic creatures intertwined into a torso, two wings, two arms, and a featureless face. The monster stretches its massive limbs, reaching east to west, while serpentine hair can tickle the stars themselves. The name of such a creature lives on in legend: Typhon!

You’ve escaped Xechasos. As the rowers pull you away from the island, you can see armies of titans walking on and into the massive body, forming a tide ready to disgorge.

Typhon almost vanished over the horizon when he roars over the waves with a fury imprisoned for ages. “Tremble, Olympus Typhon is free again!”

* * *

In another world, a pair of Protoi generals approached the ArchDespot with concerned looks.

“Your Ruthlessness… The portals, they are locked from the other side. We cannot open them.”

“What of the titans?” asks the crowned woman.

“All our divinations report a monster has been loosed upon the world. It is taller than the clouds.”

“Well then, let them destroy themselves while we find a way to bring our troops for mop-up operation. Things are going better than I planned.”

Poor Xechasos was promised to two empires and part of the population would be resettled... Chosen Patrons Artemis, Athena, Hades

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