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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gencon 2022 After Action Report Part 7

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In this seventh and final installment of my Gencon report, I am putting down the result of the critical event summary results. That way throughout the year, I will

Unavailable Heroes

These heroes will be removed from play rotation until something happens and they are made available again.

- Kolreka of House Ougozar the First One Mistress of the Veils (Wizard). She offered herself as a hostage in Tartarus to seal the alliance between the First Ones and the Titans.

Dead Heroes

These heroes fell and will no longer be usable for specials going forward.

- Marguerite the Belle Wizard. This princess was killed, swarmed by a growing army of zombies during the Battle of Seraklis.

- Osaphis the Sethru Bard. This brave desert warrior was killed by a giant boar while trying to sway the votes towards their options.

Elevated Heroes

These sidekicks survived through one of the specials and lived to tell the tale. As such, they now get the following. Reward for their bravery.

- Auset the priestess This brave priestess of Pharaoh, joined a ragtag band of adventurers in fighting the endless numbers of the dead. After the battle of Seraklis, she was put in charge of the reconstruction efforts.

- Baerius the Hoplite This brave soldier led a band of hero into battle. Having survived, he became something of a local celebrity in Mytenia. With the many losses, he was promoted to captain of the phalanx. A prestigious post that makes him a high-ranking member of the regular army.

Next Year

For Akhamet:

- With Saggakara's victory, she needs a few additional sites to complete he current plot. Can she be stopped in time? Can others discover what she is up to?

- Why did the Deep Tide wash over Seraklis? Is there a reason for it?

For Olympia:

- A monster of the size and type of Typhon means that it will need to be handle. You cannot release such a creature and let it roam freely. So that will continue into next year.

- The tale of Mytenia will continue

- The First Ones may have been delayed so their schemes may have to be diverted elsewhere.

- Two nations were promised control of the island of Xechasos... That will of course end in a meeting with tea and crumpets with a polite conversation. Yeah, right.

- Of the missing horses of Appolo, only one was not retrieved. I have the name in my notes somewhere. (I will edit this post with the info later)

Parting Thoughts

Gencon 2022 was absolutely fantastic for FOE. Great games, great people, and a crazy atmosphere.

A big thank you to all who made this happen:

- The Players who attended (and came back to play with us),

- Those who springboarded my bad thoughts and ideas

- The GMs who made a smashing job! Adam, Bill, Jason, Logan, Marissa, Steve, and Will

- All the playtesters who played and gave me feedback on the adventures.

- The kids Friday group: ActionMan, Caden, Kitty, and Tommy who screamed in anguish as I crushed them for the battle interactive.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!


Parts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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