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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Gencon 2022 After Action Report Part 2

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Got up early (I mean I was too nervous to sleep, my mind raced with concern and Will snoring). I was (more than) a little cranky in the morning, but truth be told: an egg mcmuffin and a McDonald's coffee smoothed out my issues and sorted me out.

Will and Matt (who both did not have any GMing duties with me that morning) joined me to help carry my massive collection of stuff: the food, the smurf uniforms, the character sheets, the books, the minis. You know the massive collection of stuff.

I got everyone sorted out with the Smurf uniforms - except Steve, for whom I had ordered a massive polo... I'll get you next Steve with one that fits!

Hades faces off with the First OnesDuring day (2-slots worth), I ran a special one-shot adventure that put the players in the role of First Ones. In effect, they caused everything the other tables would be cleaning up the rest of the con. They arrived in Olympia, got involved in Mytenian politics, travelled to Hades, then to Tartarus, freed up a number of Titans, made a deal with Kronus...

You know what First Ones tend to do! The game went great and they really delved into the evil side - and I was happy that they kept their evil very cerebral - very manipulative. They did a smashing great job, bypassing some of the less important fights with their abilities. You know 11th level characters can do a lot.

GMs for Morning: Bill (Best Served Cold), Logan (Marauding Titan), Steve (Dead and Buried)

GMs for Afternoon: Bill (Best Served Cold), Marissa (Marauding Titan), Steve (Dead and Buried)

The evening had the Akhamet special. Unlike our other specials, this one had the players walk in, select a character from either the Akhamet party #1, party #2, the Olympia party #1, or the Princesses. In all, there were 25 characters to choose from. Having taken a character, they were invited to sit down "wherever there was an open seat."

Do you see the chaos this could create?

Do you?

Exactly, the GMs had NO idea who/what character would be at our tables. This made some really strong tables, and others who had a more difficult time. For example, my table has no one who could heal another without a healing potion! Fighters had second wind and that was it. In a battle interactive with many scenes of battle, it made for a difficult time.

One thing I decided to add this year, during the specials, any iconic who died during the interactive would no longer be available and would remain dead. The result would take effect at the end of the con. Someone DID die at my table (I will keep who for a later post).

After facing a massive horde of undead, and a massive titan, they stood victorious. It was a difficult fight with little mercy offered by the GMs. The city was saved, by a mixture of insane bravery and sheer determination. Smiles all around let me know that this was a success. They walked out bloody and battered, but as heroes.

GMs For Special: Jason, JP (Overlord and Table GM), Logan, and Steve

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