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Friday, January 3, 2020

Yearly Retrospective 2019 Part 3

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Publishing/ FOE

This year, I released a number of books, both on DrivethruRPG and the DM's Guild.

I released fewer products than I wanted this year however, most of them had sales that were much higher than previous offerings. I slowed down my scheduled and tried to work on the quality of the work, producing larger, more complete adventure than the four-hour Organized Play format I published previously. Sales followed the amount of effort I put in, which is encouraging.

This year's best seller for FOE was the Akhamet Campaign Setting, which in 2019 overtook the Tyrants of Saggakar as the company's best-selling product (the sales on amazon are pretty good also). It is truly exciting to see people's interest in my products. Now I have to keep producing quality products for you all, a burden I will gladly take on.

I released the following products this year:
- Akhamet: Death in Anupolis
- Akhamet: Dying of the Day
- Akhamet: Panacea

And the following on the DM's Guild
- Ravenloft: Apple of a mother's eye
- Ravenloft: Dreams of Dust
- Ravenloft: The Vanishing Ziggurat
- Crypts of Ravenloft
- Dark Gifts of Ravenloft


My wargaming this year was limited to playing a few games of Kill Team with ActionMan. It's been a while since I played anything other than that and we have a lot of fun. He is pretty sharp and has begun to beat me more than a few times.


With other pursuits, the blog suffered as I focused my attentions on other things. I had to focus my energies elsewhere.

One thing I started that I like doing are the "Kinda Book Reports" on the audiobooks and paperbooks I read/ listen to. Giving each a grade is something I enjoy doing.

Still, I have been able to post all of the important things in my life here.

I finished the year having "just" posted 79 articles on a variety of topics but most of them being FOE releases OR After Action Report for convention. I posted much less about miniatures. I posted fewer rants on other people's projects mostly because I did not want to argue about my opinion. Still I may post more of them.


In January, FOE launched its Patreon page. It was not a success I envisioned. I pushed new content there throughout the year to try and get it off the ground. After a year, I will take it down as I do not have the time to put into something that has no return value.

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