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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

RHYM: Great for intro to D&D

I have been introducing a lot of children/ teens (including mine) to the game and they all seem to have taken a shine to it. I wanted to keep thing simple, so I chose to set the campaign in Rhym. With deceptive simplicity, running games in Rhym present a variety of places, cultures, and conflict types. I concur with others of the parallel with Greyhawk.

I never set a full campaign in Rhym and after running a few games, I dig JD's world even more than I did before. It is rich with cultures and filled with adventure potential. The more I prepare and set up, the more I like it.

Beyond my own geeking over the content, the PLAYERS are enjoying the game and its elements. They are beginning to see some of the faction in my Tarani Empire campaign and wonder which is "the least worst one".

Great work, JD!

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