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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mutants and Masterminds: DONE

In my annual retrospective I put down that I joined a campaign of Mutants and Mastermind and that I hate was the Player-versus-player (PVP) events but I enjoyed the guys, the game overall (the PVP were occasional things/ monthly).

Well it's barely mid-January and the game is done. It is certainly not because of lack of player want: we had enough players to keep the game going - and many of the guys do A LOT of Play-by-Post role-playing in the Discord server (I just can't keep up with them). So the game itself was healthy, with invested and interested players.

Problem is one that I know well... DM burnout.

I won't go into details but he wanted a co-DM to run the game though I really wanted to step up. There were two GMs but one stepped down. Leaving one to run the whole thing.

I just could not find the time to put together something I would be proud of, write my products AND run my regular games. When having to chose between half-assing something or not doing it, I'd rather not do it.

I looked for options to lighten his load but his heart was no longer in it and he was already making plans for something completely different. Having been there, once you begin to look at reorganizing your game in something completely different, your heart is in the new thing.

So I walked away from the game. It was a fun three months in which I got to remember what I like of this system. I will remember this campaign fondly.

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