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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Origins After-Action Report

This year's Origins is done. My Origins started way back in April as I was writing the Legacies plots for the summer, which includes both Origins and Gencon. So for the past two months, I have been focused on it.

When the 13th came around, I could not wait for the day to be over and for me to get on the road. It was a scorcher in Nashville that day and lucky for me, I arranged for a very light workload for myself. And for once, it worked! I made my way through storms and sunshine before finally going to sleep north of Cincinnati.


I arrived in Columbus around 9 AM and went to set up immediately: put up the Tyrants of Saggakar banner and arrange my table. I got to pick a good one near the door. I helped my fellow Gathering people (the folks for Arcanis and WitchHunter) get set up.

That's when the nerves hit me. I was not worried or nervous about the con until that moment. Once everything is set up begins the final countdown. I get very stressed out about a variety of things: how will players like what I have to offer, are my adventures too long, are they too short, could they be better. This is the one time where I cannot channel this energy into anything but wait. And that kills me every time.

My first game was at 1 PM, I ran "As Oracles and as Warnings" using 5e. Second slot was the special "Encounter in the Mists" which sent the PCs to the former capital of the ArchDespotate, Markelis.

Both game went off well, and the players left happy, if more than a little bloody. Music to my ears.

This year, my room was in the Renaissance Hotel some four blocks to the south. I got a good walk in the morning and in the evening.


The morning, I ran two entries of the Service and Rewards series. Namely House Faremhi and Family Treasure. As some players who had ticket did not show, my good buddy Tom-C got to play.

The afternoon, I switched from 5e to Pathfinder. It was interesting to compare how the adventures ran in different system (so you know: pretty similar). Once more As Oracles and as dreams followed by the special Encounter in the Mists.


I checked and re-checked and had zero tickets sold for my first event of the morning, Service and Rewards using Pathfinder. So I would get to play! I chose to join an Arcanis adventure and I am so glad that I did. I assassinated an NPC and one of the other PC looked at me and said "I don't think the bimbo could do that, so it has to be [pointing to other PC]." Said other PC saw me do it, but everyone believe she is only trying to divert attention.

A big shout-out to Ken-W who rolled with the shenanigans and to Adam who took it in the chin with grace. We had a great table and my enjoyment was taken directly from there.

The next slot, I played the second of the Hard Points. This time, I sat with the Colorado gang: Gregg, Bill, Michelle and Curt. Always nice to play with these guys as they are solid players.

For the evening Arcanis "interactive" adventure, we had to accomplish mini-missions around the First City. Kermina got a new power "In Wine There is Truth" so she double-fisted drinks throughout the slot (don't worry you crazy fools, it was cups of water. Although I was offered a few samples of many unique flavors, which I accepted a finger of each).

I had a great time as I went around the room running through a series of personal subplots. I can easily say that I won the interactive because I managed to get a date with the most eligible bachelor there! I just hope I get to play some more Arcanis before Arcanicon next year - if there is an Arcanicon!


More Arcanis in the morning. I did an adventure that featured a number of ladies of the nights (people related to my own in-game faith). I enjoyed this adventure so much more because the GM, Ken rolled with the story. With a table of four, the final combat was rather difficult but it was well worth it.

The afternoon and the evening I spent at the Arcanis Battle Interactive. Like at Arcanicon, I joined Melinda, Nicole, and Paul. These people are very patient with the amount of crap I can generate. My character was not very good and it took a lot of time before she managed to become decent.

I left happy and satisfied. While I am not overly interested in that particular story line, it is solid and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next.

The adventure left me with an idea for a short piece of fiction (I am aiming for 2,500-3,000 words or so). Unlike the rather farcical story I wrote after Arcanicon, this one is more introspective, serious in many ways.


Final day, I had no tickets sold and no one showed up so I drove home. I enjoyed the company of my wife and kids on father's day.

Next time: Lessons and new plans

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