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Monday, June 5, 2017

Mecha Battle Space Infantry

When I started working on Mecha Battles, I needed to get some type of infantry. I looked at many of the great stuff available out there, asking my good buddy Rob from Gamers' Haven in Colorado Springs (Shout-out to Rob, Troy and Ed, miss you guys). He provided me with a number of great options and I went through and began shopping.

A day later, I happened on a number of Battletech elementals (armored infantry) in a clearance bin at a local store. For less than 5$ (incl tax) I got all the infantry I needed. I did a simple paint job on these guys: a primary color, a few highlights and a moon rock base. Simple, quick and effective.

One unit was painted in green (for the Zeon) and one unit in white (for the Federation) but they are effectively both the same.

I will tell you that I have yet to make up good rules in Mecha Battles. These guys still suck too badly. I will have to keep working on them.

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