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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Origins AAR Part 2

Continuing my report about Origins. Read Part 1

Lessons from Saggakar

- Make sure the name "Saggakar" is on the name of the adventure for the program
- Players like to screw their employers, even when they are straightforward with them.
- The evil system put in place by the First Ones in Saggakar is propped up by the many slaves who support it.

Ideas For Products

- I love Markelis! It is even more interesting than I imagined when I began to write about it. It was a very interesting write for me as I wanted it to make something that was scary in something that is not scary in itself: A Mists-wrapped city. Expect a source book for the city in the coming months.
- I love Spiderfen and the forest of the same name. The more I write about it, the more ideas seem to come out of it. I now have two and maybe three adventures I want to do there. Of those, two idea came from running "As Oracles and as Warnings".
- Expand the ArchDespotate book. It's been two years since the "ArchDespotate" book was made available.
- I already mentioned it above, but I am writing a short piece of fiction linked to my deeds in Arcanis. I have already been writing a number of short pieces for my characters. I like to keep them short and mostly personal. Maybe eventually, it will turn into a collection of short stories. Maybe.
- Also on the topic of Arcanis, I got a new idea that might salvage my adventure. You know the one I was working on back in 2015... I abandoned it because it did not have sufficient conflict. Inspiration finally hit and I can now create the type of conflict I needed to get this done.

Other Lessons

- After Gencon, going fully to 5e for convention play since my sales are so much better. I still plan to produce content for Pathfinder (because I like the game).
- I am thinking of bringing (some) of the kids to Origins next year. But I am not sure which of them yet.
- Starfinder. I am definitely curious about it. Chad-N speaks very highly on it and his enthusiasm is somewhat contagious. While I have a number of reservations about it, I will anxiously look at what comes of it. I'll talk about those at a later time.

So, next year, I definitely plan to return. Origins is one of my favorite convention of the year. There is something about it that makes it so worthwhile and fun to attend. I am definitely going back.

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