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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I am breaking the rules for PFS

If you did not already know, I have a personal rule for creating characters that goes as follows:

Create a male character, then a female character.

I am currently fast-approaching a point where I need to create a new starter-level character for Pathfinder Society. Since the last character I created was "Igor" (based on the Marty Feldman character in Young Frankenstein), the next character I should build would be a female.

However, I do not have a good concept for a female character, but I do have one for a male character! Invoking rule 63 would make the idea not as fun to play.

So I'm breaking the rule!

What's the idea you ask?

Idea Number 1 A druid/priest who is a weather master. But unlike my other druids, this guy has a cleric domain. He would be one of Captain Flint's crew. Either that or he is his brother, Smolett Flint.

Idea Number 2 Zayeed Al-Zawree, a human ranger who is the brother of the al-Zawree sisters: Naadhira the Prophetess of Rovagug, Sahba the slave-warrior, and Katharan the spoiled princess. The family of oil merchants are people I want to revisit. I had this idea for a long time but never actually built it.

After some thought, I really like the idea of Zayeed.

I'll do it!

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