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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nashcon Part 2: Mobile Suit Madness


For the afternoon, I planned a game of Mecha Battles using my 1/400 Gundam models. As I said in my Nashcon 2017 Part 1 post, this game is the one ActionMan was really getting excited about. Ever since I bought the Gundam Dynasty game for the Xbox, he has been very interested in the series. While I doubt that he understands all the subtleties of its universe, he loves the big mechas fighting each other to a pulp.

I must say I like this too. I love it when big mechas beat each other up!

In a previous post about the development of Mecha Battles, I commented that the game runs too fast. It still does. I was caught in a cunnundrum: how to speed up a game whose best element is the speed.

I decided NOT to go through with my suggestions and embrace the speed of the game.

How did I managed to run a 4-hour game you asked?

A great question indeed. What I did was I split the slot into five "episode". This would allow me to show the game without making too complex too quickly.

So I came up with the idea of the "Battle of Winnipeg". This little town in Canada would serve as the background for the duel of the fates. Actionman took the side of the Principality of Zeon and Nick the Federation. I'm not too sure why he prefers Zeon (as I do). I like Char.

ActionMan once told me he liked Char because he doesn't talk all the time for no reason, like other characters.

"You have been patroling this peaceful section of Central Canada, at the start of what would be known as the Battle of Winnipeg. The enemy is near, so say military intelligence. However, they remain hidden so far. Your orders are simple: find and destroy any enemy mobile suits you encounter."
Both forces spot each other and move in for the kill.

ActionMan checks the distance for his burst gun as he tries to help his axe-wielding zaku is involved in a life and death struggle with a Federation GM.

Zeon zakus move forward to take out the enemy GM.

A firefight between the GMs and the zakus.

In the end, the Zeon won, having cleared the Federation from the field.

"The battle rages on in the woods around Winnipeg. Having scored an early victory the Principality of Zeon consolidates its gains but at that time Amuro Rey arrives leading a small force of mobile suits."
Reinforced, the Zeon had one of the new Dom, three zakus, and two mobs of infantry. Meanwhile, the Federation had Amuro in the Gundam, a Guncannon and two GMs. The Federation moved in and took advantage of the cover.

The Zeons took a lot of damage, but kept up the firefight.

This lone zaku took on the might of the Federation, but he was eventually take out, forcing the Zeon to withdraw.

Victorious, the Federation left the woods for the outer limits of Winnipeg itself.

"It is time for the big push against the city itself. Zeon High Command has a plan: take out one of the city's electrical generators. They hope to disrupt the military efficiency of the enemy. A surprise: two of the world's top aces: Amuro Rey of the Earth Federation and Char Aznable of the Principality of Zeon face off. "
The Federation forms a strong defensive line to protect the two generators.

Here, Zeon took on heavy casualties but ended up destroying the generator, allowing them an opening to take on the city without some of its defenses. This was done in a kamikaze-style attack as the last zaku rocket-boosted to the objective and won on initiative.

"During the previous battle, one of the destroyed mobile suit is reported to have possessed a new prototype computer that could greatly increase combat effectiveness. Both sides move in to seize the computer and gain its valuable information for themselves! Once again Amuro and Char face each other.
Zeon moves in and finds a lot of destroyed technology! Char himself found not one, but TWO special tech.

Zeon keep up the pressure on the Federation. The two large rockets are part of the city's defense system.

This episode ended as soon as every tech elements were examined and the next episode started.

"As the fighting continues, the people of Winnipeg have banded together and built an enormous mobile suit. Their hope was to use it to destroy both enemy forces and prevent the military takeover. "
The massive mecha is destroyed as both the sides fired a massive barrage at it.

A huge firefight breaks out as char and Amuro traded shots. Amuro eventually shot down Char.

Amuro moving in to support his allies, who were in a good position.

Zeon's relentless pressure managed to take down Amuro and the rest of the Federation forces. ActionMan was quite happy and Nick, his opponent left with a smile on his face, seeing how his opponent had taken the victory from the jaws of defeat, at least three times.

Winnipeg was thereafter occupied by Zeonist forces.

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