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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The most tragic Pathfinder character is gone

Long, long, long ago, PFS allowed people to level-up characters to play in adventures that were out of scope. Such was the case of "Tomb of the Iron Medusa", an adventure that I remember fondly to this day. Since this was a level 14 adventure, I levelled up Naadhira al-Zawree, my necromancer-prophetess of Rovagug.

At one point in the adventure, the party rescued a group of young ladies that had been taken over by a vampire. Naadhira told them that she would complete their training. The rest of the party did not seem to care, and the story ended there.

A few weeks later, I had to create a new character for myself, and this the idea of Viviana was born. Viviana was one of those young ladies rescued in that dungeons.

I needed a shtick, something that would make her different than Naadhira/The Mistress. But what?

During a random internet search, I happened upon a the bride of Frankenstein and I thought to myself. "Wow, if Victor was good, what would happen to someone under the 'care' of someone like Naadhira." This chain of thought led me down something very dark.

I now had a concept for the character. Now what to do with her? I went through the list and happened upon the sanguine bloodline, an alternate to the undead for sorcerer. Imagine... She would have been bitten by the vampire and only partially turned, explaining the abilities. Naadhira would have been drawn to the poor girl's undead affinity and made even more experiences upon her. To add to her woes, there is little doubt in my mind that she would also force-inductrinate the girl into the cult of Rovagug, the destroyer of worlds.

Viviana was a tragic figure in my mind. Someone who had been abandoned by all. She suffered from odd bouts of Tourettes brought upon by everything so far. Any time people asked her about the Mistress or what happened to her, she would shout "The Mistress is great!". She was a cultist, but not a devout one... She was someone who answered what she thought others wanted her to say. She only fed on blood, never on anything else.

A number of people asked "Why would you be chosen to go on any kind of mission?" A legitimate question, really. The best answer I could come up with that "The Venture Captain who lost at cards last night had to call upon her." Funny perhaps, but something that only reinforced the tragedy that is her life.

So this complex character managed to live all the way to twelfth level and is now retired.

She was an interesting character to explore really. So interesting that when I created my first Adventure Path character, Katja, I chose to make them sisters. Katja is also retired from PFS as she sits on the Irriseni Throne for a hundred years... (Yes).

With her retirement, I now have to think of someone else to play...

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